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The Aïssâwa brotherhood in urban area in Morocco.
The socials and rituals aspects of modern sufism.

By Mehdi Nabti, sociologist Ph. D.

This thesis devotes to study the Aïssâwa sufi brotherhood, founded by Muhammad Ben Aïssâ in Meknès in Morocco in the 16th century and still active today. This work is based on a eleven months investigation in Morocco and on the research on specialised books in arabic, french and english about the subject. The author’s own résults came from interviews of several people and from the musical practice inside sufis groups of the Aïssâwa brotherhood in Fès and Meknès. The approach is socio anthropological and musicological with a historical looking-out. The thesis analyses the mystical doctrine, the socials practices, the rituals, the musicals and trance techniques (bodies). Point out the provide of a DVD showing the Aïssâwa trance ritual and their pilgrimage in Fès and Meknès.

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