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This website presents an aperçu of a work undertaken by Mehdi Nabti during five years in Morocco. Sociologist Ph. D., anthropologist and musician, Mehdi Nabti immersed himself in the Aïssâwa brotherhood to reveal what really means the socials, rituals and musicals practices of the Aissâwa. Observing with more close the manners of making, of saying and of thinking, Mehdi Nabti approaches the various types of ritual socio activities which form daily realities of Aissâwa, their sympathizers but also of their opponents. As far from commonplaces on Sufism as stereotypes third-mondistes, his work, which is pressed on ethnographic notebooks, audio and vidéo records that the author held during nearly five years, clarifies in a new way the social trajectories of Aïssâwa in contemporary Morocco.

All the audio extracts present on this website were carried out in situ in Morocco using the Discman Sony mz-r700pc (micro Sony ecm717). Digitalizations with the format mp3 were carried out on PC with WaveLab. The drawings, diagrams and plans were carried out on Photoshop.

Mehdi Nabti wishes to thank here all the members for the Aïssâwa brotherhood who agreed to take part in the investigation and more especially :

The muqaddem-muqaddmin of Aïssâwa, Haj Azedine Bettahi (and all the members of his family and his musicians, Muhammad, Tawfiq, Moustafa, Aziz, Said…)

The muqaddem Muhammad "Bel Haj" Ben Guaddane

The muqaddem Haj Said Berrada

The muqaddem Haj Said El-Guissy

The muqaddem Haj Muhamad `Azzam

The muqaddem `Abdallah Yaqoubi

The muqaddem Hassan Amrani

The current descendants of the founder of the brotherhood, Sîdî `Allal Aïssâwî, Moulay Idriss Aïssâwî and `Abderrahim Ben Moussa. Without forgetting the muqaddem of the Hamadcha brotherhood `Abderrahim Amrani Marrakchi.

In last, Mehdi Nabti thanks all the people who helped him in the development of his thesis by their encouragements : Mrs. Sossie Andezian (CNRS Paris) and Mr. Mourad Yelles (INALCO Paris).